Christina Sciabarra – Professor at Bellevue College; Henry M. Jackson Foundation Leadership Fellow

Christina Sciabarra is a professor at Bellevue College where she teaches courses in political science. Previously she was the Director of the Center for Career Connections/Women’s Center at Bellevue College.  A graduate of the United States Naval Academy and a veteran of the war in Iraq, she works with students in transition, including women seeking to reenter the workforce, immigrants seeking employment/academic help, and veterans returning to school. Christina also holds a B.A. in Russian and Political Science from the University of Arizona and an M.A. in International Diplomacy from Norwich University.  She just completed her PhD in Political Science at the University of Arizona. Christina participated in the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Fellowship and is committed to promoting understanding across cultures.  She is the US program director for the Youth to Youth Initiative and is the new president of Civil Vision International, an organization focused on facilitating cross-cultural dialogue.