Basya Benshushan – CEO of PinkCilantro

Baysa was born into a house that had two rules: no TV, and always keep learning. The second rule was taught by example. Her mother founded and fostered a company that constructed and sold personal computers in a time when the concept was truly foreign. Their household was filled with computers, with a mandate attached: work, learn, explore, and grow. As Baysa grew older, these mandates stayed with her. Even if she didn’t enjoy traditional education, she did want to keep learning and growing, especially in digital spaces.

Social media and digital marketing became those spaces for Basya, thanks in part to a handful of innovative companies. Before “e-commerce solutions” and “affiliate programs” became mainstream marketing techniques, she studied data points, produced content, and poured over strategic game plans that would lead to a robust presence. Basya grew businesses by obeying those same rules: work to produce relevant and interesting content, learn about the space and how it’s constantly changing, explore methods to improve consumer relations, and keep key business objectives in mind.

Today her passion for learning and growing has grown beyond just digital spaces and has led to the creation
of PinkCilantro as an Brand Agency in 2014. From Fortune 500 companies to energetic start-ups, and passion
projects looking to reach the community, PinkCilantro serve a variety of needs and is committed to educating
the business community for sustainable impact.